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A cute little sock doll strap for you to hang on the bag, in a car, anywhere that you can bring it along.  (In the tutorial, I forgot to sew the strap on. ^_^;)

可爱小巧的袜娃娃掛飾, 让你掛在包包上, 車上, 或是任何地方可以让你帶着它一起走. (在教程中忘了把掛绳缝上去了. ^_^;)

How to Make A Doll

Here is my thrid tutorial, and this is not too easy for beginner. It took me at least one hour to make it. No worry, you will slowly learn how to make it if you can follow my step by step instruction.  Enjoy~  (Click on the image to get a bigger view)

第三个教程出炉啦. 这个女孩孩袜娃娃对新手来说是不容易做的哦. 但是如果你能跟得上我的教程, 是可以慢慢学会的. 加油! (点击图像以读取較大的图像)

Girl sock doll

Budget-friendly Thank You Cards

how to make a doll tutorial

NOTE: You can click on the image to get a bigger view version.  请点击圖像以读取比較大的圖像.

For beginner, please try on the owl sock doll (tutorial 1) first.  Tutorial 2 – sock couple will be a little hard for beginner. (Scoll down for the Chinese version)

初学者建议先学做猫头鹰袜娃娃.  新人袜娃娃对初学者会有点难度. (要看中文版的请往下移)

step by step tutorial 2



sweet couple sock doll