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Tutorial video 1 – Owl sock doll 教程視頻 1 – 猫头鹰袜娃娃

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Tutorial video 2 – Couple sock doll 教程視頻 2 -新人袜娃娃

how to make a doll   how to make a doll   how to make a doll

                   how to make a doll           how to make a doll

             I love doll and I love making doll too.
            There are all kind of dolls. Stuffed dolls, terry bears, barbie dolls, clothe doll, sock dolls, even paper dolls and dolls made of different kind of materials.&
             When I first started to try to make my very first doll, I wanted some really simple and nice doll that I can start up with, so I browsed through the internet, look for books for some tips or guide to make it. Finally, I fall in love with sock dolls. They are just simple and easy to make and can be very creative.   ^_^
             Now, I am going to share with others how I make my sock dolls.  If you want to share with me your tips or guides on making dolls, feel free to do so. I will be happy to learn more from others.
             View My Gallery to see all the sock dolls I have made from the past few years till now.  Most of them are sold. ^_^  I am thinking to make something like a DIY pack. I will put in all the material that need to make a sock doll with a tutorial/instruction sheet and you can enjoy making the sock doll right away. Sound good? If you are interested, please leave me a reply in the comment page, and I will start doing it. ^_^V
             I have created a 'comment page'. If you have any comments, suggestions or anything like to talk to me, just leave a reply there.Thanks!
             Created a new page for the tutorial video. I will make all the tutorial into a movie for easy viewing. Yes, you don't have to scroll up and down to see the tutorial. ^_^
             My Etsy shop started to sell my sock dolls now.  Please pay a visit to my shop if you are interested to buy a sock doll.       Thanks.


我喜欢娃娃.  我也喜欢做娃娃.

娃娃有很多很多种. 有填充娃娃, 泰迪熊, 芭比娃娃, 布娃娃, 袜娃娃, 甚至是紙娃娃, 还有各种用不同材料制成的娃娃.

当我第一次想要尝试做娃娃时, 我要找的是那些简单又可爱的娃娃. 我上网搜查, 看書本去寻找资料和制作方法.  最后, 我看上了袜娃娃,  它的制作是那么的简单容易, 而且多変化,   ^_^

現在, 我要和大家分享我制作袜娃娃的心得. 如果你也想和我分享你的娃娃制作心得, 请和我联系. 我会很高兴与你一起学习.

请看看我的作品, 都是我几年前到現今所做的袜娃娃. 大多数的都己卖掉了. 我想做一些材料包, 放入所需的材料用品和教程说明, 让大家可以开心做娃娃. 如果大家有兴趣的话, 请在意見箱中留言, 我就可以开始制作袜娃娃的材料包了. ^_^V

如果你有任何的疑问, 建议或任何想和我说的话, 可以到'意見箱'那里留言. 谢谢大家!

*將教程做成視频了. 这样子就可以輕輕松松的看教程, 不用拉上拉下的. ^_^

新店开張啦.  我开始售卖我的袜娃娃了. 有兴趣买我袜娃娃请到我的店內看看啦. 谢谢~

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Owl sock dollLet's learn how to make a doll using a sock.  It's simple!

You will need the following to start with:
1. A sock   2. Scissors   3. Sewing needle    4. Thread   5. Felt clothe   6. small bead
Now, go to my step by step tutorial page and you can start to make a doll~

how to make sock doll

让我们开始学习怎样用袜子做娃娃吧. 很简单的.
1. 一只袜子   2. 剪刀   3. 缝針   4. 缝缐   5. 不织布  6. 小珠子
准备好了材料与工具就可以点击到我的制作教程网页跟着一起做, 你就能做出一只袜娃娃啦~

How To Make A Doll



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